jeudi 3 juin 2010

Book 2010

Et voilà... mon book 2010, qui sent bon l'huile de coude.

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CouassiB a dit…

Je serais toujours fan de ton travail. A
llé tout de bon


jonathan a dit…

il a un petit cameltoe sympa Kent dan ton acting...chapeau

Avner Geller a dit…

Hi Julien! it was great meeting you at Siggraph. your work is absolutely fantastic! Good luck on the film next year!!

Scott a dit…

Yo Julien It was awesome to meet you this summer at Sony. I really love all your work here on your blog. Your Annecy film was great. Have a great time at Sony for the rest of your summer . I hope that our paths cross again some day.

Keep in contact here is my info


Line Illustrations a dit…

génial ton book Julien, bravo !!!