dimanche 18 septembre 2011


Breaking Bad... petit fan-art

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Flomize a dit…

hyper bien batard

Paul Lemarquis a dit…


"TORI CAT" a dit…

Love your work!!
YOur film, Mr Greedy was great!!
WOnderful colours and lighting!
What are you working on right now?
Iv made a link to ur site on my blog!!
Big fan!!
Kindest regards,

Lucas Ferreyra a dit…

Man, your work is amazing! I'll be back for sure!

Frem a dit…

énorme coup de coeur ♥

Gillibean a dit…

Dude! This is so awesome! Im just getting into the second series bu this has to be one of th best moments from the first!!! Hardcore! Great caricature!

Amanieu Rebu a dit…

Sympa ton perso :)